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Connecting Children with Nature 


“Inclusion, opportunity and capacity building from an early age is what we stand for. Providing experiential learning through fun activities is the focus of Your Rainbow”.

Spending time outdoors, exploring nature, and getting opportunities to experience calmness outside the four walls should not be limited to school holidays or once a year trips. It is a basic need that everyone should be able to access as much as possible.

Several studies show the positive links between direct experiences in nature and children’s mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Children love being outside. It’s a naturally inclusive environment.


Our 2-hour long groups are held during the week, on the weekends and school holidays.

Group sizes, activities and locations are level of needs based and differ from week to week, please contact to speak with us directly for specific details on the pricing and upcoming activities

  • Self care, safety, confidence and independence through activities like carrying their lunch/water/personal first aid, being part of a group with lots of care and guidance.

  • Thinking skills, problem solving and situational awareness by encouragement to follow direction signs, looking for a safer path to walk, finding shade and toilets.

  • Building relationships and caring for others and nature with the help of a buddy system, putting away rubbish after a snack break/picnic, and fulfilling assigned group taks.

  • Participation in physical activities for building strength, balance and endurance.

  • To see nature as a friend and creating a distance from devices through exploring outdoor environments, reducing sensory overload and stress and feeling safe outdoors.

  • Calmness and mindfulness by observing surroundings, listening to birds, touching various textures and smells.

  • Flexibility by learning adaptability to unpredictable weather and changing seasons, dressing appropriately for different temperatures and experiencing being at unfamiliar places.

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